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Services may be simple, such as a 'walk-through' overview with verbal feedback, or complex such as a full work system assessment that gathers detailed and specific information about many aspects that impact on task performance.  This might be in a single department or work unit, in one or more of your organisation's branches throughout the country, or in a number of companies from the same industry.  Optimise can work as part of larger project or design teams including research groups. 

An hourly consultancy rate is payable for services; and travel, accommodation and other expenses will be charged as applicable.  Optimise carries Professional Indemnity, Statutory Liability and Public/General Liability Insurances.

Contact us to discuss your needs, and we will provide a brief and estimate of service costs for your consideration.


Our Terms of Engagement.

When are ergonomics services helpful?
  • Planning office refurbishments or upgrades

  • Making purchasing decisions for furniture or plant

  • Planning factory or work area upgrades - process flow and work space requirements

  • There is a high incidence of injuries or discomfort (or risk of this due to manual handling)

  • Assessing your manual handling risks and risk reduction strategies

  • Determining task allocation and rostering

  • Training workers for musculoskeletal injury prevention

  • 'Training the trainers' - up-skilling your supervisors for enhanced within-organisation capacity

  • Developing safe work methods and procedures, and best practice guidelines (for practical tasks, or other work processes)

  • Undertaking product development and usability testing

  • Ergonomics/human factors research or a review of current literature is required.

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