Incident Investigation

Optimise investigates patterns of incidents or accidents in workplaces such as:

  • frequent errors

  • slips, trips and falls

  • product damage or product quality issues

  • inefficient production or production holdups where ‘human factors’ are identified. 

In these scenarios a work system approach is used for data gathering – task observations, worker interviews, review of company information and records, manager interviews, etc – and a robust approach to data analysis and synthesis applied. 

Using Intersafe’s 8Steps™ methodology for incident investigation, Optimise provides human factors/ergonomics expertise within incident investigation teams.  Effective incident investigation is an important step to prevent future incidents of a similar nature, and thus reduce risk. 

Robust and thorough incident investigation processes are necessary - particularly when it is tempting to simply state the cause as ‘human error’ or ‘human factors’ - which may be blaming in nature and unhelpful to the goal of preventing future incidents.  Working within a strong scientific approach, rigorous incident investigation methods result in a detailed understanding of the factors that may lead to events.  Understanding people, equipment and environment is core to the work of ergonomists, and key in carrying out effective incident investigations. 

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