Human modelling for design

In collaboration with Dr Joe Bain, engineer, Optimise provides a 3D CAD human modelling and simulation service.


Benefits include:

  • Integration of human factors and ergonomics into planning and validation stages of design

  • Human centred design using biomechanically and anthropometrically accurate human models

  • Ergonomics analysis of virtual product, equipment and work environments

  • Consideration of injury risks, fit and reach and line of sight

  • Design cost and time savings via early feasibility review

  • Incident/accident investigation

  • Effective communication of issues and ability to visualise solutions.

Working with design or purchasing teams

Optimise ergonomists work with design teams for excellence in system, building, plant, furniture, tool, equipment and commercial product design.  


The 2015 Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) clearly states the ‘upstream’ design responsibilities of persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs).  The HSWA outlines that those PCBUs  “who are designers, manufacturers, importers or suppliers must, so far as is reasonably practicable, make sure that the plant, substances, and structures designed, manufactured, imported or supplied are without health and safety risks when they are used for their intended purpose in a workplace.” (Introduction to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. March 2016. WorkSafe NZ).

Optimise has expertise in identifying design elements that may impact on the health and safety of the people operating or otherwise working with equipment, plant etc.  With particular skill in identifying manual handling risks, Optimise prompts designers, manufacturers, importers and suppliers to ensure that these risks are ‘designed out’ where possible.  Engagement of an ergonomist pre-purchase will enable the selection of plant and equipment that not only does the job, but will do it without negative impacts on users. 

Engagement of an ergonomist prior to plant or equipment installation will ensure that care is taken to address the human interface elements, along with other engineering and electrical etc requirements.  The benefits include right-first-time plant set up, rapid achievement of full production speed, and workers that remain healthy, comfortable and productive.  The cost benefits may be considerable.

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