assessment and intervention for musculoskeletal injury risks

The work completed in many businesses presents a wide range of manual handling risks.  From static activities to more physically demanding jobs, workers may experience aches, pains and discomfort that impact on productivity and their overall job satisfaction and wellbeing.  Some organisations may experience high (and costly) injury rates, or become aware of the problems with an ageing work group.  The evidence suggests that it is necessary to address a number of contributory factors for improved outcomes. 


Optimise ergonomists are skilled in assisting organisations to understand and measure their manual handling risks, and in designing interventions to control the risks.  From considering just one activity with one worker in one workplace - to many manual activities over many workplaces and with large work groups,

The result is the identification of a range of prioritised physical design, work organisation design and education and training recommendations:​

  • Physical design – design specifications for buildings, plant, furniture, equipment, tools and environmental aspects such as lighting and temperature.

  • Work organisation – design of jobs, rosters, break practices, supervisory practices, induction processes, task methods, safe operating procedures and other organisational elements that may impact on how work is actually carried out.

  • Education/training – knowledge and skill gaps that should be addressed to enable effective management of manual handling risks in the workplace.

Optimise ergonomists will consider the ‘work system’ that your employees must operate in, and identify what needs fixing.  These work system assessments employ a range of investigative methods for data gathering – task observation, worker interviews, review of company information and records, manager interviews, literature review etc – and a robust approach to data analysis and synthesis.

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